Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing! Here is what you need to know!

The exponential rise of globalization and technology along with digitization has completely changed the scenario of business marketing strategy around the world. Even a few years earlier, the marketing of any product or service used to grow around print or electronic media whereas, in the recent days, due to the advent of social media, they have been kind of outdated. And here comes the role of Influencer Marketing in the picture.

Let us now dive into the discussion on what influencer marketing is, how it can be impactful and the ultimate guide for the same!


What Influencer Marketing exactly is?

Influencer marketing is one of the latest trending buzz words in the marketing field across the globe. In layman’s words, startup incubation, Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and even giant brands and multinational companies are collaborating with people who have a good number of followers, fans, friends or communities of people in their social media platforms like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. This unique strategy of marketing of your products or services is called as Influencer Marketing and the people who help you to do this marketing are called social media influencers. Cool, isn’t it?


How Influencer Marketing Works? An overview

Social media influencers work just like an amplifier of your brand or enterprise. Confused? Let me explain! Suppose you have a product or service of your company that very few people aware of. Now, when you promote a post or blog or a video of your concerned product or service with collaboration with a social media influencer it automatically reaches to the followers, friends, fans and community people of that person. Benefit? Well, it’s profitable for both the sides. The company now doesn’t need to extra effort to reach to every potential customer by advertising and promoting repeatedly. You once promote or launch your product by tagging the influencer and the product reaches to a good number of people. If you are an influencer you too gain because the giant brands, and even budding enterprises pay a lot for the promotion of their services.



How will you be successful to Influencer Marketing? An ultimate guide!

Influencer marketing is not any rocket science that you need to be Einstein to be successful at it. Yes, of course it has some tactics and strategies, and once you learn all these, you can be a great influencer marketing strategy expert too.

So, let’s have a look!


  1. Identify and know your customers & influencers first!

Are you a budding technology entrepreneur? Or does your small company works on the domain of entertainment & media? Or let us assume your giant house is launching its venture on grocery & household goods! Needless to say, the sets of target customers will be different for each of these cases. More elaborately, the technology based enterprise will attract tech savvy personalities whereas entertainment & media venture will focus more on the film bugs and young generations. Your grocery & household goods’ company will definitely more emphasize on people above 30+ years who have settled in their lives. So, you see, every different domain has its specific group of customers. Therefore, the first and foremost step is to identify the specific influencers of your domain. If you are building a Business Intelligence tool, you need to identify the successful entrepreneurs, business personalities and industrialists who will possibly show interest to your initiative or who have followers in the same domain that you desire for. Of course a giant movie start is a great social media influencer but he or she won’t work out for your smart Business Intelligence tool. So, you have to wisely choose and list down the influencers whom you want to collaborate with.


  1. List down the number of followers and categorize influencers

After your first step is done, i.e., selection of target customers and influencers, you need to categorize your influencers according to the number of followers in their social media accounts. If your company comes under MSMEs, you can select thresholds of 10k and 50k followers. More elaborately, you can categorize your chosen influencers into three sections by slabs of below 10k followers, 10k to 50k followers and above 50k followers. You can categorize them as ‘Poor influencers’, ‘Satisfactory influencers’ and ‘Outstanding influencers’. For giant brands, of course, these numbers will vary accordingly, because, honestly a multinational brands don’t even care for an influencer who has less than 20k or 30k followers.


  1. Never forget about local influencers and local followers

If you are an entrepreneur at a very budding level, you should not neglect the influencers who have a good number of local followers. Yes, especially, when you’re dealing with regional language media house or very specific area of expertise, sometimes aiming at influencers with lots of global followers actually makes no sense. And that’s why, when your product or service is based on local customers, you have to be very specific of your influencers.




  1. Larger number of followers doesn’t always mean good influencer

Of course you should be looking for influencers who have more number of influencers in his/ her social media account. And who doesn’t know that greater the number of followers, higher is the chance for your service or product to get promoted? But, wait! Here lies the trap. Never assume that, a huge number of followers are always a set of genuine followers. Undoubtedly not! A lot of global or national business personalities, sportsmen & women, politicians or movies stars have billions of followers but not every one of them is following them very seriously.



  1. Wisely choose your campaign launching time!

The last but not least step of your influencer marketing is you have to be very careful about your promotional timing at social media platforms. Obviously you can’t reach every follower altogether but you have to identify when lion’s share of the followers remain active at the platforms and once you identify that, you are all set to sail your boat!


According to social media strategists and digital marketing experts, influencer marketing is going to be the game changer in the business scenario of the world very soon. And that’s why professions like data analysis & digital marketing are coming in the picture. If you want to be one of them, please follow the above mentioned basic steps and be awesome at influencer marketing!

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