Planning for a SaaS Startup? Here are all Social Media Strategies You Need to Know!


Software as a Service or SaaS is one of the most trending buzzwords you have possibly heard of across the globe now-a-days. Even a few decades earlier SaaS was not a very popular thing among people. But exponential growth of cloud technology, networking and digitalization has made SaaS a demanding sector which is why a good number of entrepreneurs and even giant brands are inclining towards this.

However, if you are a budding entrepreneur and going to set up your SaaS startup you have to fix your business strategies very carefully as this is one of the highly competitive market sectors where even MNCs and renowned corporations are setting up their way in this area.

Are you puzzled to manage all these things and strategies? Now relax! Here we are with top 5 social media strategies for SaaS startup that you must follow for your enterprise to be successful. Let’s have a look!


  1. Make your service the BEST in the industry!

    In the long run the one with the best product or service always wins. Yes! If you really have a quality service your customers will come to you anyway. As we know, mouth publicity plays a great role in promoting a product to greater number of people.

So, first of all, with the best coders, designers and digital marketing experts, make your SaaS the best in the market. Remember, your product will always speak on behalf of your company.



  1. Make networks of people, customers and potential customers!

    Social media platforms are excellent places to make community among people of different background. What you can do to promote your saas startup is to make a community involving your customers, identified potential customers and familiar people. This will help you in building strong connection and advertisement of your budding enterprise.

Building community through social media greatly helps in the growth of your SaaS startup as it ignites the communication between your potential customers effectively.


  1. Customer support through social media

Resolving the difficulties faced by the customers through social media support is one of the greatest points that can be impactful in your SaaS startup. Many clients face technical

or non-technical problems while availing the service of your enterprise. However, if the problems are resolved with instant support through social media, it makes a tremendous impression about your startup onto customers’ awareness which eventually attracts other potential customers.


  1. Catchy taglines & blog posts!

    Blow a customer’s mind in the first shot! In today’s era of social media technology, people hardly go through lengthy posts or advertisings. So you basically get a very less time to catch the attention of them.

    Never mind! Design your tagline so smart that it compel a customer to stop scrolling his newsfeed and choose your product. For blog posts, make sure that they are SEO optimized. In a nutshell, SEO is the technique which increases the chance of your blog posts to get filtered among the top results of search engine. The accurate choice of keywords allows your blog post to be SEO optimized. Want to be more specific? You can always find your target based keywords, like, if you want to focus on the customers of a specific country, say, India! You just have to filter the searched keywords of your particular domain with your desired country name, and you get it! It shows you the keywords searched by your targeted audience for the specific domain. SEO is technique that even giant brands are using now-a-days as it increases the chance of your product to reach more and more people.



  1. Share your posts of startup products through social media

Sharing is one of the most influential features of social media platforms. People nowhere get more customers altogether other than social media. And you can always use it rightly for your SaaS startup. Making your post’s setting from your followers or fiends to public



can greatly increase the reach of your product. The bigger your circle in social media, the more chance you have to get your posts of SaaS startup shared among people, and this sharing gets increased in cumulative process.


  1. In bound marketing!

According to social media & financial experts, social media platforms are going to grab the lion’s share of driving force of the in-bound marketing in near future. The most

powerful medium of in-bound marketing is undoubtedly social media platforms now-a-days. In layman’s language, in bound marketing is the process where customer himself gets attracted to your service or product. And this can only be possible if the features, feedbacks get shared by the social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagaram or any other platforms allow the entrepreneurs to reach a lot of potential customers altogether that no other platform does.


  1. Engage more clients’ feedback!

    Clients depend on past clients. Yeah, very obviously true! A client checks the

    remarks, comments and feedbacks of your past clients on the particular product or service to finally settle down for you. So engage as much feedback possible from your happy clients to increase the acceptability of your SaaS.



  1. Make your content engaging!

    Prepare your content with informative graphs, bar charts or graphics that tells about your product to the point. In today’s fast life, people generally do not have time to go through longer video clip contents. So avoid stuffing your social media posts with lengthy videos that can actually disinterest your customers.


At the end…


In this wave of digital revolution, social media marketing is the current emerging era of the twenty first century. Reaching your desired customers has become much easier than ever. A correct social media strategy can attract people to your product or service and can boost the ROI of your enterprise to a great extent. So plan wisely! And make your SaaS startup a successful one! All the Best!

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